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Death Metal

Limited, Draft Only
Original Release Date: 

This Brewpub Exclusive was made by homebrewer Tom Bastian along with Sam and Jason and will make its way to the Great American Beer Festival as our Pro-am competition entry. Tom won the Philly Beer Week's Extreme Homebrew Challenge in June and his prize was to be able to brew at our Rehoboth Pub. "There weren't any bad beers," Sam says. "But Tom's Death Metal stood out to me because you could taste or smell each of the special ingredients that he mentioned in the description, but none of them was overwhelming. Extreme for me is extremely flavorful, extremely memorable, not just extremely strong. And he had all of that." Full Story Here

Death Metal is a bigol Imperial Stout with loads of Columbus, Amarillo, and Simcoe hops, a wide array of roasty toasty malts, heaps of cold steeped coffee, and a whole mess of vanilla beans. The beer's in-your-face punch earned it the name Death Metal and it lives up to the name with each of the flavorful ingredients head banging into your palate in succession. Try it with some of our bacon chocolate cheesecake for an extreme experience.

Due to limited availablility, growlers of Death Metal are not available.

Death Metal goes on tap sometime during the 2nd week of Sept, 2011 and will be available until it is gone!

Our buddies at John I Hass hops sent us a care package of some experimental hops, so we figured we would unleash them on the fans!
Hymn For Her. Our fave twanged out banjoey duo are back and ready to jangle up a storm!