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Count Chocula

Limited, Draft Only
Original Release Date: 

This Brewpub Exclusive is a sweet, chocolaty, creamy Milk Stout fermented with Belgian yeast. Jason and Matt (two of our brewpub managers) had fun creating and brewing this one to celebrate the birth of Delaney Weissburg, Jasons daughter.

We used loads of roasted barley and chocolate malt then added flaked oats and lactose to make it nice and creamy. We aged the beer on some cocoa nibs from the small artisan chocolate producer, Askinosie, who also provide us the chocolaty goodness for Theobroma.

We are serving this one on a nitro tap to add even more creamy texture!

It is sweet but finishes fairly dry with plenty of malty roasty flavor, some spicy Belgian yeast character and a full body.

This one is perfect with one of our homemade desserts or all by itself.

Count Chocula will go on tap on Thursday, 11/3/11 to celebrate the first ever International Stout Day. It'll be available until it's not.

Due to limited availability, Count Chocula is not available for growler fills. Sorry

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