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Black Lodge

Limited, Draft Only
Original Release Date: 

This damn fine ale is the first in a series of beers inspired by the cult show Twin Peaks. Ingredients from some of Agent Coopers Pacific Northwest favorites were incorporated into this beer cherry puree from Oregon, proprietary Seattle Sunrise blend coffee from Notting Hill in Lewes, and Douglas Fir needles clipped fresh from a tree high in the Oregon Cascades. Black Lodge pours blacker than midnight on a moonless night with a thick milk chocolate colored head, and an aroma filled with notes of subtle spruce, mocha, and the smokiness of a sawmill mysteriously set ablaze. The flavor follows suit with layers of mocha and bittersweet cocoa interwoven with a restrained tannic acidity from the tart cherries and Columbus hops, similar to an aged merlot, all wrapped in a lingering smokey veil. Best enjoyed with the company of fellow black spirits in a room with red curtains and a black and white floor; once you enter the world of this beer, there may be no coming back! The second beer in this series, White Lodge, will be brewed in the warmer months, culminating in an early June Philly Beer Week event at the Grey Lodge in Northeast Philly, where both beers will be featured along with a special blend of the two (Grey Lodge) which will only be available one time for this event.

Black Lodge will be tapped on Friday, Feb 17, 2012 and will be available until it isn't.

Due to limited availability, Black Lodge is not available in growlers.

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