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Arms Akimbo

Limited, Draft Only

This deeply robust Porter was brewed with star anise, molasses and balsam fir tips from Dogfish Head,Maine(really, our friends trekked into the woods, chopped off some branch tips, boxed them up and sent them down to Delaware for us to brew with!)to impart a spicy, resinous character in the beer. It is a dark ale with a licorice and sweet roasted malt that are apparent in the aroma. The first taste is sweet with notes of pine, black licorice, molasses and dark roasted malt.

Due to the limited availability of Arms Akimbo, we are sorry that we are not able to offer growlers to go.

Got a MINUTE?  We do.  Actually we will have 60 Minute, 90 Minute, 120 Minute on tap, as well as Sixty-One and a frikin of 75 Minute.
Heracles is a big, citrusy double IPA. A trifecta of citrus zest - grapefruit, orange and lemon was added to make the aroma pop.