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Weekend of Compelling Ales And Whatnot - The Beers

Are you ready?! We've got quite the beer lineup for this year's Weekend of Compelling Ales & Whatnot! A weekend chock full of all-things compelling, your ticket includes a tasting card to sample 15 different selections of rare, off-centered concoctions ... including 8 beers specially made for this event and 2 samples from our distillery. Brewmaster Mark gave us a sneak peek at the some of the offerings and waiting for March 23 to roll around, just got that much harder. Take a look at what you're in store for*...

The Perfect Disguise - 8% ABV

An American double dry-hopped IPA disguised as a Kölsch.

SuperEIGHT - 5.3% ABV

Sneak peek!! Get an early taste of our newest super-fruit gose brewed with Hawaiian red sea salt, prickly pear, mango, boysenberry, blackberry, raspberry, elderberry, kiwi juices and toasted quinoa.

American Beauty - 6.5% ABV

A psychedelic pale ale inspired by and brewed in collaboration with the Grateful Dead. Brewed with granola and wildflower honey for subtle aromas of orange and malt.

SeaQuench Ale - 4.9% ABV

A session sour mash-up of a crisp Kölsch, salty gose and a tart Berliner Weiss, brewed in sequence with black limes, sour lime juice and sea salt.

Slightly Mighty - 4% ABV

Sneak peek! A lo-cal IPA that is slight in cals and carbs with mighty hop flavor! (95 calories, 3.6g carbs, 1g protein and 0g fat per serving)

Raison D'Extra Aged in Dogfish Head Distilling Co. Whiskey Casks - 16% ABV

We took this immodest brew and kicked it up a notch by aging it in our distillery's whiskey barrels.

Melødløus Øl  - 10.1% ABV

Norwegian kviek farmhouse ale brewed with citrus zest, juniper berries and other botanicals, then aged six months in Dogfish Head Distilling Co. Mellowdious Gin barrels.

Chicory Double Stout on Nitro - 10% ABV

Double-shot version of Chicory Stout served on nitro.

120 Minute IPA Aged in Peerless Rye Whiskey Barrels - 17% ABV

The Holy Grail for hopheads just got a little more interesting after our brewers aged this abundantly hoppy IPA in Peerless Rye whiskey barrels.

Pêche du Chêne - 9% ABV

Brett farmhouse ale with peaches aged in bourbon barrels.

Social Science - 6% ABV

Copper-hued India Pale Lager bountifully hopped with old-world and new-world hops.

Possibly the Next Top Rated Beer on BeerAdvocate - 9% ABV

A double New England maple pastry black coffee milkshake IPA ... yeah, you read that right.

The Steady Glow of Tended Embers - 7.1% ABV

Strong American amber ale brewed with Cherrywood smoked malt, Saaz hops and Zanzibar peppercorns.

And some more goodness from our distillery...

Analog Whiskey Aloe Mint Julep Cocktail - 10.8% ABV

A twist on the whiskey classic, made with our delicately aged, reliably smooth whiskey.

Bees Knees Cocktail - 25% ABV

This R&D cocktail is made using our floral Whole Leaf Gin mixed with chamomile, lemon juice and honey.

*Beers are subject to change based on availability and awesomeness