6 Cannery Village Center
Milton, DE 19968

Spinning, spinning, and spinning, spinning...

We're digging into our Vintage Stash* and spinning some groovy Vinyl for one fantastically awesome Happy Hour at our Milton brewery. You heard us, vintage beers and vinyl!

Vintage & Vinyl happens once a month. In fact, the first Thursday of each month!

With a special guest spinning each time, we're thinking you should stop by. See you the soon?

What we’re pouring 3/1 …

’09 Chateau Jiahu
’11 Ta Henket
’13 Theobroma
’15 Etrusca

Special guest DJ: DJ Droid ft. AXILLA

If you've got some vinyl and want to man the DJ booth, contact Matt Barth at mbarth@dogfish.com. It's loads of fun, and you'll love the perks!

*Vintage beers are subject to change based on availability and awesomeness.