700 Pilottown Road
Lewes, DE 19958

We're beyond excited to participate in this year's Coast Day Oyster Contest! With approximately 35.5 million pounds of oysters harvested and consumed each year, shucking oysters requires fast fingers, deftness with a knife and attention to detail. We'll have the chance to show off our skills - alongside countless others - in this friendly competition during this year's Coast Day. The event will begin at 3 p.m. at the Food Festival during Coast Day on Sunday, Oct. 1.

'Timekeepers will be on-hand as participants compete, with the fastest shuckers of the East Coast oysters — provided by Chesapeake and Maine —moving on to subsequent rounds. The winner of each initial round will earn $50, with the top two or three competitors from each round competing in a final round.

Contestants will be judged on “speed and quality,” with penalties for broken shells, cut oysters, incorrect number of oysters and presentation. The overall contest winner will be awarded a $250 cash prize. Second and third-place winners will receive $150 and $100, respectively.

Visit the Coast Day website for a full rundown of contest rules and regulations.'