D.N.A. 2012

Our second batch of D.N.A. (that's short for Delaware Native Ale and the entire story is here) is a braggot, or a fermented beverage containing sugars from both grain and honey, and in this case – fruit as well.  All of the ingredients in this braggot were sourced from Delaware, and consist of Wildflower Honey, barley (a portion of which was malted at the Milton Brewery), and blueberries from Fifer Orchards.  Our D.N.A. yeast, the official state yeast of Delaware, was then used to ferment the resulting liquid.  The most striking aspect of this brew is the beautiful deep purple-ruby hue and bright pink head.  The aroma is filled with notes of red wine grapes and over-ripe fruit.  The flavor follows suit with vinuous notes, sweet honey, slight acidity and booze.  Pairs great with the Cherry-BBQ baby back rib special, or as an accompaniment to one of our homemade desserts. 

Here's the video we made that tells the story of the D.N.A. project when it was first launched in 2011...


D.N.A. 2012 will be tapped Friday, July 20, 2012 and will be available until it is all gone. 

Due to limited availability, our Brewpub Exclusive Beers are not available in growlers.





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