Meander through normally off-limit parts of the brewery to gain a richer understanding on how we make our off-centered ales & spirits, and have a few beers & a cocktail along the way! 

  • Cold Storage - breathe in the delicious smells in the huge refrigerator that stores all the REAL ingredients that go into our beers (it's cold in there, so it's brief!) 
  • Grain Handling Room - see what sets our grains apart from the rest 
  • 200 BBL Brewhouse - see how we convert all that delicious starchy grain into wort 
  • Palo & Oak Wood-Aging Room - normally locked, we'll stop in here and learn about fermentation & wood aging beer. Sample the freshest 60 Minute you've ever had and try some palo santo wood-aged beer 
  • Distillery - enjoy a keg-conditioned cocktail in our new distillery, get a primer on distillation and learn how we distill our beers into our new lineup of scratch-made spirits 
  • Sam's Stash - sample one of our vintage beers in the cage where Sam stores beers for aging...anywhere from 3-5 years! 
  • Steampunk Treehouse - ever wonder what's in that treehouse? Check it out! 

The tour costs $30 / person and we limit it to 20 people per tour. In addition to the beer + cocktails, you'll walk away with some rad swag including a Dogfish Head pint glass & shot glass. We're talking incredible value here folks. 

Tickets can be purchased here

This is a new tour for us, so we are only releasing a few weeks of tickets for now, noted below. We will soon be opening the tours up for every weekend throughout the rest of the summer so STAY TUNED! 

NOTE: in order to attend you MUST wear closed toe shoes and wear LONG PANTS.