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Where the Wild Hops Are

An unfiltered, rustic and wild IPA

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Celebrating the magic at the intersection of art and ales, our annual Off-Centered Art Series is a chance for our brewers to take a walk on the wild side and with our latest innovation, that’s precisely what they did with ‘Where the Wild Hops Are!’

This unfiltered, rustic IPA is brewed with four wild-derived hop varieties that include Zappa, Amarillo, Comet and Sabro. It’s then blended with a touch of barrel-aged wild ale that’s been aged for four years in French Oak barrels.

The result is a complex blend of citrus meets dank, that’s rounded out by a touch of wild. With each sip, you’ll be greeted by dry, oak-tinged finish.

With artwork imagined by our 2022 Art Series artist Max Mahn, Where the Wild Hops Are features a wild creature was able to sneak in, take a giant bite out of the hop, and get away scot-free!

Learn more about Max by clicking here.

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Art Series

Original Release Date:


India Pale Ale


Cranberry goat cheese

Chicken curry, herbed pork, roasted potatoes, hummus


Hazy pale gold with a white head

Blend of citrus, dank tropical fruit, peach, oak

Complex, juicy fruit, slight tart

Medium bodied with a dry, oak-tinged finish

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