The Big Yellow One

Brewed from German Pilsner malt, this slow lagered beer builds its layers of flavor on a bready, wafer candy-ish malt base and is hopped with generous portions of experimental Pacific Northwest hops from the ADHA breeding program. The hop variety ADHA-1940 is front and center in this brew, with noble herbal and floral character, and the addition of Pekko cultivar lends subtle hints of pepper, citrus and mint. Unfiltered for maximum flavor satisfaction, this Pilsner finishes dry and crisp with a firm, exhilarating bitterness.





Friday, March 29, 2019

Original Release Date:


Unfiltered Pilsner


Sunny gold with white foam

Herbal, floral, peppery, bready and citrusy

Herbal, citrusy, peppery and bready

Medium- to light-bodied with a crisp, dry finish and appetizing bitterness