1913 Collection: Atholl Oatwine

Whiskey Barrel-Aged Strong Ale

Our second installment in the 1913 series which pays homage to the lost liquid ancestors of Miami-Dade’s prohibition era by focusing on classic beer or cocktail styles dolled up in big, bold, high abv or barrel-aged fashion. This iteration is based on the Scottish Atholl Brose drink which brings together whiskey-soaked oatmeal, honey and cream. We designed this beer with over 60% oats in the grain bill in addition to the Scottish Golden Promise base malt. Bringing in the south FL connection, we used local honey from our friends at QBee Farms in Homestead. Finally, to round it all out, this Oatwine Ale was aged in Dogfish Head Distillery Co. whiskey barrels for nearly 6 months.

1913 bottle on table







Miami Exclusive

Original Release Date:


Strong Scottish Ale


Sunburst orange, hazy, white foam

Oaky vanilla, candied cherry, fig, wildflower meadow, pecan whipped cream pie

Vanilla oatmeal cream, honeycomb, granola, honey drizzle

Creamy and chewy with some warmth