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Stewed Ale

Limited, Draft Only
Original Release Date: 

 For August, the Province Ale Co. brings a truly peculiar brew to the tap (and table) with a “Stewed Ale”. 

Province Ale Co

This unique Ale contains 25% wheat malt, as well as two pounds per barrel of Lean Beef in the kettle along with ground mustard.  Yes, we said Lean Beef. Salted hops round out this culinary concoction to create something that sounds like it could be more of a soup than a beer.  However, Ragged Jordan and Nicolo insist this crazy sounding beer is very normal in flavor.  A strong English style pale ale in its true essence, Stewed Ale stays true to its heart with notes of bready malt and spicy undertones from English East Kent Golding and Fuggles hops.  A true London Ale yeast rounds out the profile contributing subtle estery fruitiness while remaining in check with the malt and hops.  Chef Joseph, who supplied the Beef for the beer, is also preparing a special Tacos de Lingua special, or Tongue Tacos, which should pair perfectly with this latest Province installment.

Stewed Ale will be avaialble beginning Saturday, 8/17/13 and will be available until it is all gone.

Due to limited availability, our Brewpub Exclusive beers are not available in growlers.

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Dogfish Head President & Founder, Sam Calagione, is hanging out with Charles Wells Head Brewer, Karl Ottomar on October 2
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