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Down Low Double Life

Limited, Draft Only
Original Release Date: 

Down Low Double Life is a special one-off release for IPA Day 2013 (join in all the fun online with #IPAday).  Brewed with Maris Otter and Pilsner malts and a pinch of crystal, all Galaxy and Citra hops.  But this isn’t just you’re normal IPA, it’s a Session Beer masquerading as a hefty behemoth of an ale.  Clocking in at only 4.3% ABV this beer comes across a lot bigger and meaner than it really is.  Hop additions late in the boil and dry-hopping akin to those of a normal Double IPA give this ale a hoppy punch that any hop-head will adore.  But, you can easily drink a few pints in one sitting.  D.L.D.L. will pair nicely with any of our Great Beginnings and can even stand up to our massive indulgence burger, while still remaining light enough to be paired with some Leafy Greens as well. 

D.L.D.L. will be tapped for #IPAday 2013 on Thursday, August 1st. It will be around until it's not.

Due to the limited availability of our Brewpub Exclusives, they are not available for growler fills. Sorry!



Come join Dogfish Head and Sam Calagione for a legendary tap event. Dogfish Head is celebrating our 21st Anniversary!!  
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