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Beer-infused brats $5

Bratwurst: This is the classic: white pepper, coriander, mace (a cousin of nutmeg) and mustard. It wouldn’t be Dogfish without an off-centered twist, so we dose the Bratwurst with our Belgian dark ale Raison D’Etre.

Heirloom Italian: This brat is based on a recipe from our founder’s great-grandmother, using pork, fennel and red pepper from her classic Italian brat (with a dose of Midas Touch for good measure).

Spicy Espresso: Made with espresso powder, minced habanero and cumin. A dose of Chicory Stout is a smooth and chocolately foil to the mild heat.

Greek Feta: Made with Feta cheese, mint, spinach, cumin and lemon. Don’t forget a dose of our beer/wine/mead hybrid Midas Touch.

* The meat in our brats is raised with no antibiotics, hormones or preservatives.