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Off-centered Spirits


Scratch-made spirits from Dogfish Head Distilling Co.

Analog Vodka (80 Proof)
Scratch-made using 100% brewers malt, Analog Vodka is crisp with viscous sweetness of caramelized sugar, malted barley and a cleansing minerality. A sipping vodka for whiskey drinkers. 

Compelling Gin (88 Proof)
We redistill Analog Vodka with the peel and flesh of our favorite citrus along with a long list of beautiful culinary ingredients stolen from our brewpub kitchen. The result is a gin with bright citurs flavor, crisp juniper snap and lingering cinnamon warmth. 

Whole Leaf Gin (90 Proof)
Applying the continual hopping process which has defined our hop-forward beers, we use Analog Vodka as the base and gently dose in lots of whole leaf hop goodness. The result is an earthy gin, with drying coolness, bursting with floral hop goodness - the IPA of spirits. 

Brown Honey Rum (80 Proof)
We have been distilling this amber rum for over ten years. It's made from molasses was and distilled through our custom-made 200 gallon still on the second floor of our Rehoboth brewpub. Aged on American oak chips, lightly sweetened with local Delaware honey and bottled. Yum!

White Light Rum (80 Proof)
The character of the high-quality molasses we use in all of our rums shines through in this traditional unspiced rum that is triple distilled through our pot-still. 

Hand-crafted cocktails

Tarragon Lemonade
This house-made lemonade starts with infusing simple syrup with fresh tarragon then mixed with Analog Vodka and fresh-squeezed lemons. Slightly tart and extremely refreshing! 

PB Tini
A nutty concoction shaken with Peanut Butter Vodka, Frangelico, Godiva Chocolate Liqueur, and finished with chocolate syrup. 

Bees Knees
This cocktail features our continually hopped Whole Leaf Gin, shaken with fresh squeezed lemons, ice and local honey. 

Dogfish Negroni
An off-centered twist on a classic, at its base is our bright and citrusy Compelling Gin, stirred with Campari & vermouth, we serve in a rocks glass topped with 60 Minute IPA.

Sunday Bloody Mary
Our house-made bloody Mary mix featuring Analog Vodka.

Naval Orange Crush
Our twist on a local favorite in 100% scratch-made, starting with an infusion of Analog Vodka with freshly squeezed naval orange juice and topped with more fresh juice.

OG Sixty-One
Sixty-One may be on hiatus, but its spirit lives on through this OG Sixty-One experience. Sam and his buddies gather around at the beginning of summer each year and while sharing some 60 Minute IPAs, add a splash of red wine to each of their glasses. This concoction is a pint of 60 Minute IPA with a splash of J. Lohr Syrah from Paso Robles, California to honor this tradition and memory! 

Downtown Ashlee Brown
The official beer concoction of summer is here! Crafted by our veteran server Ashlee Brown, the Downtown is a delicious blend of Festina Pêche, orange juice, Analog Vodka and blood orange simple syrup.