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Off-centered Spirits


Brewpub Exclusives-

Blue Hen Vodka

A refreshingly smooth vodka made in tiny batches.  Each drop is charcoal filtered to ensure a delicate, yet crisp flavor.

Peanut Butter Vodka
Our Peanut Butter Vodka distilled with roasted peanuts was such a hit we decided to make it full time!

Chocolate Vodka
Chocolate heaven in a glass, our Chocolate Vodka is made with cocoa nibs, cocoa powder, and vanilla beans.

Dogfish Jin
Dogfish Jin is distilled with Juniper, whole leaf Cascade hops, cucumber and angelica root to create our smooth version of this classic spirit.

Wit Spiced Rhum
Dogfish Head Wit Spiced Rhum is triple-distilled rum aged on Curacao orange peel and coriander.  This is a refreshing rum that starts with a note of spiciness and ends with a citrus character.

White Light Rum
Dogfish Head White-Light Rum is a traditional non spiced rum.  This rum is triple distilled and incorporates the same pot-still methods as our other rums.

Brown Honey Rum
Dogfish Head Brown Honey Rum is a double distilled, amber rum aged on American oak and wildflower honey.  Dark and smooth, this rum has a subtle woody character from the oak aging and a touch of sweetness from the honey.

Off-centered Concoctions -

Peanut Butter & Chocolate Vodkas mixed with our house-made cold chocolate mix. 

Sunday Bloody Sunday
Our house-made bloody Mary mix with our very own Blue Hen Vodka. Try it with our Brooklyn Brine Pickle Vodka for some wicked off-centeredness! 

Navel Orange Cosmo
A traditional Cosmo made with our homemade Navel Orange Vodka. 

Navel Orange Crush
Navel Orange infused Blue Hen Vodka with Triple Sec, Sprite & fresh squeezed orange juice. 

Key Lime Crush
Vanilla Bean infused Vodka, Triple Sec, Ginger Ale, lime juice & a dollop of whip cream.

Crush Floater Add Ons:
$2 Grand Marnier Orange flavored cognac liqueur
$2 Grand Marnier Raspberry Peach flavored cognac liqueur