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Great Beginnings-

Crab & Corn Chowder $6 cup/$8 bowl
Hearty and satisfying - loaded with lump crab, sweet corn and bacon

Olives-Pickles-Cheese $7
60 Minute IPA marinated greek olives and Brooklyn Brine Hop-Pickles served with an artisanal cheese selection

Chickpea Falafel $7
Crispy chickpea fritters with goat cheese ranch dressing and cucumbers

Housemade Spent Grain Soft Pretzel Bites $7
Served with Brooklyn Brine Hop-Pickle dip and truffle mustard

Roasted Garlic Hummus $7
Served with woodgrilled pita and 60 Minute IPA marinated greek olives

Cheese Fries $7
Fresh-cut fries covered in a white cheddar ale sauce, applewood smoked bacon and green onions

Fried Pickle Spears $7
Beer battered pickle spears and 60 Minute IPA truffle mustard

The Dogpile $12
Artichoke-spinach dip and melted mozzarella cheese covering pita wedges with diced tomatoes and green onions

Spice-Rubbed Wings $9
Woodgrilled chicken wings served with goat cheese ranch

Namaste Chili Calamari $12
Flash-fried calamari with Namaste chili sauce and Thai basil

Specials (12/12-12/14)

Soup of the Day
Beef and Vegetable

Fish of the Day  $16
Taco Duo--
Grilled Rockfish, Salsa Verde, Queso Fresco, Margarita Cream, Crispy Corn Tortilla
Buttermilk Fried Shrimp, Roasted Corn Relish, Siracha Cream, Cilantro, Soft Flour Tortilla
Served with Black Beans and Rice

Leafy Greens -

Pub Salad $6/$3 side
Seasonal lettuces, grape tomato, carrot, cucumber, red onion, Midas Touch vinaigrette

Caesar Salad $6/$3 side
Romaine, parmesean cheese, herb crouton, creamy anchovy Caesar dressing

DFH Cobb Salad $14
Iceberg wedge, tomato, avocado, grated egg, bacon, turkey, buttermilk bleu cheese dressing

Top Your Salad
$4 Chickpea falafel | $5 Woodgrilled chicken $7 Woodgrilled salmon | $10 Crab cake

Sides -

Dijon Potato Salad $4

Fresh-Cut Fries $4

Broccoli Rabe $4

Pizza -

Alpine Idyll $13
60 Minute IPA braised mushrooms, fresh chevre, prosciutto, truffle oil, arugula, balsamic drizzle

Simple Enquiry $10
Homemade mozz, poached tomatoes, parmesan cheese, garlic oil, fresh basil

Fifth Column $15
Lump crab, asparagus, poached tomato, fresh basil, mozzarella, parmesan and red sauce

The Happy Nonconformist $8
Start with our sumptuous rustic crust, mozzarella cheese and then choose your sauce (red sauce, basil pesto, or roasted garlic olive oil) and toppings:

$1 each Caramelized onions, basil, poached tomato, asparagus, beer-braised mushrooms, pepperoni, jalapeño

$2 each Fresh mozz, bacon, prosciutto, provolone, crab meat, chicken, fresh chevre, bleu cheese

Hearty Sandwiches -

Woodgrilled Meatloaf $14
Pork, veal, beef and Kennett Square mushroom meatloaf served with caramelized onions, Vermont white cheddar on brioche with fresh-cut fries

24 Hour Pork Confit $14
Confit of pork served with woodgrilled broccoli rabe, long hot pepper and sharp provolone pesto on ciabatta with fresh-cut fries

Crab Cake $15
Lump crabmeat with Chesapeake seasoning served on a brioche bun with Hop-Pickle tartar and fresh-cut fries

The Indulgence Burger $12
Piled high with Wisconsin yellow cheddar, bacon stuffed onion ring, more cheese and served with fresh-cut fries

Build Your Own Burger!

$9 Beef

$7 Turkey, veggie, or chicken breast

$1 each Cheddar, American cheese, crumbled blue cheese, caramelized onions, mushrooms, sharp white cheddar, bacon, avocado mayo, jalapeño

Oven Roasted Turkey $13
Sliced slow-roasted turkey with applewood bacon, tomato, red onion, lettuce and avocado mayo on wheatberry bread served with Dijon potato salad

Salmon Sandwich $12
Woodgrilled salmon served on a woodgrilled baguette with bleu cheese, roasted garlic aioli, marinated onion salad and fresh-cut fries

$1 Substitute Baby Side Pub/Caesar Salad for all sandwiches

Main Events -

Fish and Chips $16
60 Minute IPA battered codfish, fresh-cut fries, Hop-Pickle tartar sauce

Orecchiette Pasta with Greek Feta Sausage $20
Dogfish Head Greek Feta Sausage served over orecchiette, sundried tomato butter, spinach, tomatoes and fresh Chevre

Woodgrilled Pub Steak $22
Cooked to order with fresh-cut fries, broccoli rabe and Raison D’etre steak sauce

Kid Friendly -

Your meal comes with milk (plain/chocolate), apple juice or iced tea & dessert (scoop of ice cream or brownie).

Whole-wheat pita pizza $7.50
Cheese, pepperoni or peanut butter and honey.

Mini whole-wheat corn dogs $7.50
Mini all-beef hot dogs wrapped in whole-wheat corn bread. Served with fresh-cut French fries, carrot sticks or sliced apples with caramel yogurt.

Whole-grain chicken tenders $7.50
Organic chicken tenders coated with a whole-grain breading and served with honey. Served with fresh-cut French fries, carrot sticks or sliced apples with caramel yogurt.

Kid's burger $7.50
Local farm-raised hamburger or cheeseburger. Served with fresh-cut French fries, carrot sticks or sliced apples with caramel yogurt.

Kid's pasta $7.50
Served with melted butter and parmesan cheese or red sauce.

Soda $1
For an extra buck, get your choice of our own HOMEMADE BEACH BEER, COKE, DIET COKE, SPRITE or GINGER ALE