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Dogfish Dash Sponsors


Without all our fabulous sponors, the Dogfish Dash would not be as successful a fundraiser as it is - so THANK YOU SPONSORS!!!

Over the past few years, the Dogfish Dash has raised $55,000 for the Delaware chapter of The Nature Conservancy.

Here are our sponsors the 2010 Dogfish Dash - please support them when you can and thank them if you would.

World Wide Stout Sponsors


90 Minute IPA Sponsors


Raison D'Etre Sponsors

Jefferson, Urian, Doane & Sterner, P.A.

Parkowski, Guerke & Swayze

Bank of America

Citizens Bank

Lighthouse Construction

Country Malt

Go West

60 Minute IPA Sponsors

Singer Equipment

Quinonez LLC/David Brown Painting

Dupont (Clear into the Future)

Hop Union


Chesapeake Utilities

Tewell Warren Printing

MPG (Marketing Products Group)

Shelter Pale Ale Sponsors

Inclind, Inc



Thanks again to all our sponsors and race participants for helping the Dogfish Dash support our local community!!!