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The Pain Relievaz

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Who the heck are the Pain Relievaz????

The world's first (and probably only) beer-geek hip-hop ensemble...

Check 'em out....

The Pain Relievaz are Funkmaster I.B.U. (Sam Calagione, Dogfish Head founder and president) and D.J. Little Guy (Bryan Selders, former Dogfish Head lead brewer). They like to rock the mic and in 2003 released their groundbreaking first album "Check Your Gravity"

They duo dropped their sophomore bomb "Untether The Blimp" in 2005.

Both albums feature olde school jams.... Favorites on "Check Your Gravity" include "I Got Busy with an A-B Salesgirl" and "Brewers Bling Bling". Lead singles on "Untether The Blimp" include "Pinching Pennies" (a little ditty about being too cheap to buy brand new brewing equipment) and "Let's Play Twister (Down in Dewey)" (about acting stoopid after drinking too much crappy corn and rice-laden beer).Check the Store section of our website to score the remaining Pain Relievaz CD. Peace out....