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Brewer, Businessman, Rapper, Artist, and... Author?! Yes, with three books under his belt, Dogfish Head founder/President Sam Calagione now has another line in his job description.

In 2005, Calagione published his first book, Brewing Up A Business. It's a business book, a beer book, and more...

Brewing Up A Business

Brewing Up a Business is an entertaining, enlightening first-person account of author Sam Calagione's nontraditional success as an entrepreneur. Starting out with a home brewing kit cobbled together from used kegs, Calagione turned his entrepreneurial dream into a reality. Relying on unique brews, lots of loving technique, and hard work, Calagione built Dogfish Head Craft Beer into America's fastest growing brewery. Without the benefit of an advertising budget, Dogfish went from a tiny operation in Delaware to one of the country's most popular craft breweries, distributed in 29 states and four countries. As revenues grow at lightning speed-an increase of 105 percent in 2003-Dogfish's success is the result of dreaming big, working hard, and thinking unconventionally.

With real lessons on entrepreneurship and success from a real entrepreneur, as well as practical ideas on nontraditional marketing, this is a business story that will open readers' eyes to the unquantifiable benefits of thinking differently. Brewing Up A Business in also available in paperback. (From the website of Wiley Publishing Company)

Extreme Brewing

xtreme Calagione's second book, Extreme Brewing, was first released in November 2006. A deluxe edition, with 50 more pages and more than a dozen new recipes, was released in August 2012. The book is targeted to the thriving novice homebrew audience and features 224 pages, amazing photography and lots of recipes. Aspiring brewers who are interested in recreating specialty beers -- but don't have the time to learn the in-depth science behind home-brewing -- are presented with a host of primarily malt-syrup based (the simplest brewing method) recipes, plus Calagione's detailed instructions for partial-grain brewing variations.

While recipes are included for classic ales and lagers, Extreme Brewing emphasizes the hybrid styles that have helped put his Dogfish Head's beers on the map. Using fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices, readers can create their own unique flavor combinations for truly world-class beers.

He Said Beer, She Said Wine

He Said Beer, She Said Wine is the first fully illustrated book on the market to give in-depth instruction on how to successfully pair both beer and wine with a wide variety of foods. Co-authored by Marnie Old, an esteemed sommelier, and Sam Calagione, founder of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, He Said Beer, She Said Wine teaches you everything you need to know to get the best out of your beverages, with food or without. Each author divulges the secrets of their respective trades, using clear, easy-to-understand language and, of course, a little good-natured banter to keep things lively. The book is full of fantastic tips and tricks, specific beer and wine recommendations, and interactive elements to help you identify your preferences along the way. So, from cheese to dessert, you'll always know what drinks to serve for sublime flavor combinations.

P.S. - At Dogfish, we obviously think that beer would rock wine's world anytime, but Marnie makes a lot of great arguments for wine.... This is a fun, but informative book!

All three books are available in our online store, or at major retailers.