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Our Environment

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What's it like to work at Dogfish?

Well, we're a crazy, kooky bunch of somebodies... but we work hard and get the job done. Within our work environment, we try to keep the day-to-day activities light and fun. Not everything has to be so serious. We are serious about our jobs and our company, don't get us wrong, but we still like to keep the group dynamics a bit crazy and off-centered.

Even though we use the term "off-centered" alot, it really does describe our work philosophy. I mean, seriously, we have a pseudo-urinating statue in our brewery, we sell a belt buckle that doubles as a bottle opener and have our own bocce courts at our Milton brewery. Sound a bit unconventional to you? Yea, we thought so...

Wanna join us? If you are interested in finding out about the career opportunities here at Dogfish, just click right here!