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Company News

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We always have a lot going on here at Dogfish. Whether it's the latest brewery expansion, the newest Brewpub Exclusive beer we’re trying out at the Rehoboth Beach brewpub, a newly-discovered Ancient Ale, or the best daily special ever at the brewpub – it’s hard for US to even keep track of it all.

In the Events section you'll find out where we'll be pouring, sampling and promoting Dogfish. Another bet is to visit the blogs of some of our co-workers. Visit our Blogfish page and you’ll find blog postings from lots of different people here at Dogfish. Blogs are regularly posted by co-workers from Brewing, Sales, Marketing, our Tour Program, our Brewpub and even the Company founder Sam Calagione. Find one that’s interesting? Subscribe and be notified anytime that person posts something new!

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