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HR Generalist

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What This Entails: 

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery is seeking an off-centered Generalist to join our overloaded HR team! The successful candidate will be experienced in a full-range of HR areas including payroll, staffing, off-centered-coworker-relations, benefits admin and various other things like maintaining co-worker files and so forth. Basically, you will support HR initiatives that enable coworkers to experience growth, health, success and fulfillment, so to that end only rays of sunshine need apply. You will be called upon to model healthy, positive and professional communication in a fun-loving, but hard-working environment. You will support the adept handling of official matters including OSHA reporting, workers comp, mandatory trainings, etc. At Dogfish, HR, in addition to traditional roles, shepherds goodness, build communities and nurtures our culture. To that end, you will be called upon to see the gray and challenge your traditional ways of HR thinking along the way. If all of this sounds like sweet music to your ears, then how about we hear from you?

What You Need To Land This Gig: 

The qualified candidate will have a bachelor's degree in Biz Admin, HR or other relevant discipline. You must have a minimum 3 years HR experience in a generalist capacity; a PHR certification would come in handy. You must have exceptional communication skills including both written and spoken, both individually and in groups. You must have a huge heart balanced with a huge mind. Judgment, tact, empathy and confidentiality to the n'th degree will be expected and required of you and you must be able to deliver. The ideal person will be outgoing yet organized, comfortable both front-and-center as well as behind the scenes and did we mention organized, repeat, organized? The successful candidate will be one who doesn't speak in terms of human capital and other corporate buzz words that make our collective hairs stand on end. A healthy passion for our beer is a huge plus. A healthy passion for Off-centeredness is essential. If some or all of your HR experience takes or took place in a manufacturing environment that could be helpful, additionally restaurant experience could be a plus.

Bundle Of Goodies: 

Dogfish Head offers competitive compensation including bonus potential, 401K company match, a fabulous health care package to include health/dental and FREE beer!

Where It's At: 

Milton, Delaware

How To Apply To This Gig: 

If interested, please submit a resume, cover letter and your salary requirements to careers@dogfish.com or fax your resume to 302-684-0541. Help keep busy HR folks sane, no phone calls pretty please. Proud to be EOE.