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@SNBBrewing woah!!!!!

@Steele81111 not good, not good! Maybe you are the perfect candidate?? http://t.co/ejEKgPMKOe %jobs

@scottcline @AdamCastroEdu @GArlantico @AlexMWilliams_ this is true (at least when I'm not at my desk)!

@CalzaAndrea looks like we might be pouring it in Turin 10/26 at Salone de Gusto!!

@Beejis60 so sorry you aren't a fan of that one.

@The_Gav21 The more the merrier, right?! :)

Come visit us this fall! RT @gearpatrol: We check out the #DogfishInn: the hotel that craft beer built. http://t.co/qaAge8ogSC

@gearpatrol Thanks for the post about the #DogfishInn! Cheers

@M_Sharples Thanks so much for the recommendation and the visit! Cheers

@almartino Thanks - enjoy the beers! cheers