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Oysters with pickle brine mignonette & 60 Minute IPA @ The Breslin Bar & Dining Room http://t.co/EvI064zGmE

@lorenzoperez @nellingsworth give the Fish Finder at http://t.co/EPlVsyzKlY a whirl. It shows where our wholesalers have delivered recently

@OldMansionHouse love catching folks off guard like that! :)

@jtgossman thanks!

@Bgreaterthan sometimes you've just gotta say it like it is!!

@JerseyKYboy if you keep it dark & cool, should age well for years! Aging is subjective - so hard to say for sure

@wagnike2 go mom!

@shmermel sure! Open it up & enjoy - cheers

@christineapp excellent!!

@christineapp really?! Here on Twitter?