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@DailyBeerReview I gave you bad info last night - we still have Pils and Festina prints left! http://t.co/jPHj5S138d

@DailyBeerReview but @TheRichKelly will be releasing some too!

@DailyBeerReview pretty sure they all sold out today, but email orders@dogfish.com tomorrow to check

RT @PhillydotcomENT: .@dogfishbeer’s new “destination beer garden” will debut at the @PhilaUnion home opener: http://t.co/sPnS2HCfzS http:/…

Love! HBD Dr Seuss RT @phillybeerweek: An ode to Sam Calagione, via Joe Gunn @JosePistolas #DrSeussDay #pbw2015 http://t.co/ypOU3jrJPz

@shouldabeenchef @thechew @Mariobatali We loved that too! Heard from lots of folks who were watching :) Cheers

@lassorichmond Thanks for the visit! Cheers

@Oneademfilms Yikes - I’m not a good one to ask, but shoot us an email info@dogfish.com and we’ll get the right person to get back to you!

RT @BREWPUBLIC: Amber Waves presented by @dogfishbeer & @VictoryBeer returns for CBC in Portland at Castaway. http://t.co/WejdPcgkTX #CBC20…

@porquejorge yup! http://t.co/jPHj5S138d