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@Chief_Samosa ha! For seasonals, we mark the year (2014) and the batch (P) and a time code. still need a Delorean to get to the future!

@SergeantScary Exactly - can’t love them all! Cheers

@SergeantScary Yikes - sorry to hear you weren’t a fan of the Punkin Ale

@thrognobonk sounds like a plan!

@TheJayUNF @dgould151 Thanks & cheers!

RT @NYCFoodieFinder: Go old school with @dogfishbeer's Ancient Ales Beer dinner at Pickle Shack on 10/1 http://t.co/uPbn3TVMj9

@BeerChatt @Beerd_Blog @KCbeerchick @AdamHopsLambert Thanks for making the trek to spend time with us! Cheers & safe travels

RT @firstwefeast: Oregon is the only state where local craft beer outsells mass-market. 55% market share, versus 8% nationally. Pretty rema…

@DEHopScene Way to go!!!!

@MacWreg So glad you enjoyed your visit with us, cheers!