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Morning beer tasting at the Lewes Farmers Market with a little Sixty-One.View PhotoShare

Festina Peche peach gazpacho for the Peach Festival happening at the brewery this afternoon thanks to the Milton Farmers Market!View PhotoShare

Meet our Orbisphere 6110 – one of only a handful in the U.S. – is “an awesome instrument,” according to our quality team. It punctures the crown and measures carbonation, headspace oxygen and liquid oxygen, allowing us to monitor the total oxygen in a bottle of beer. Too much oxygen can kill hops and make beer taste papery and leathery over time. #nothanks #beergeekeryView PhotoShare

Sam telling stories around the campfire at the #DogfishInn this afternoon.View PhotoShare

We got feisty at beer:30 yesterday! What do you get when you combine Festina Peche and Sixty-One? A Feisty-One, of course.  Cheers to the weekend! #mixitupView PhotoShare

Fresh Sixty-one on the Tasting Panel today! If you haven't tried this one, it's a refreshing IPA brewed with Syrah grapes that's quite enjoyable this time of year.View PhotoShare

The @brewdogs guys visit #Delaware on tonight's episode! Join us at the brewpub to watch or tune into @esqTV 9pmView PhotoShare

Overheard at sensory training: “We'll start this class like we always do, with a warm-up beer.” After swirling, sniffing and sampling the warm-up beer, each student offers five words they’d use to describe the beer to someone who’s never had it. What would your 5 words be for 60 Minute IPA? #beergeekeryView PhotoShare

Tune in to the Esquire Network Wed at 9pm for the @brewdogs episode from Delaware. Viewing party at Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats!View PhotoShare

Sampling all 3 of our current Brewpub Exclusives on tap on this Sunday afternoonView PhotoShare