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The herbaliscious Saison du BUFF is such a great food beer - paired it last night with grilled chicken topped w/ straight-from-the-garden pesto & fresh ricotta.View PhotoShare

Ready, set, chew! We're brewing a small batch of chicha, a traditional corn beer native to Central and South America. Instead of malting the grain to release the fermentable sugars, we use the natural enzymes in human saliva. That's right, we chew up a whole bunch of the chalky purple maize, spit it out and brew with it. Don't worry, it's boiled for over an hour and completely sanitary, not to mention quite tasty! Check it out (if you dare!) at our Rehoboth Beach pub in a few weeks! #freshfromthepubView PhotoShare

Thanks @ghtestkitchen for the #DogfishInn visit this past weekend, glad you enjoyed your stay! --- You've seen @DogfishBeer in the supermarket but did you know they have their own beer-themed motel in Lewes, DE? Our associate food editor @erinphraner checked it out this weekend, here are some snaps from her trip! #ghoutandabout #ghtravels #ghdrinksView PhotoShare

Morning beer tasting at the Lewes Farmers Market with a little Sixty-One.View PhotoShare

Festina Peche peach gazpacho for the Peach Festival happening at the brewery this afternoon thanks to the Milton Farmers Market!View PhotoShare

Meet our Orbisphere 6110 – one of only a handful in the U.S. – is “an awesome instrument,” according to our quality team. It punctures the crown and measures carbonation, headspace oxygen and liquid oxygen, allowing us to monitor the total oxygen in a bottle of beer. Too much oxygen can kill hops and make beer taste papery and leathery over time. #nothanks #beergeekeryView PhotoShare

Sam telling stories around the campfire at the #DogfishInn this afternoon.View PhotoShare

We got feisty at beer:30 yesterday! What do you get when you combine Festina Peche and Sixty-One? A Feisty-One, of course.  Cheers to the weekend! #mixitupView PhotoShare

Fresh Sixty-one on the Tasting Panel today! If you haven't tried this one, it's a refreshing IPA brewed with Syrah grapes that's quite enjoyable this time of year.View PhotoShare

The @brewdogs guys visit #Delaware on tonight's episode! Join us at the brewpub to watch or tune into @esqTV 9pmView PhotoShare