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We're punked out here at the brewery today to celebrate the annual Labor Day release of Punkin Ale! Watch for it on taps and shelves near you! #punkforpunkinView PhotoShare

This Noble Rot-brined Chicken Slider on a spent-grain buttermilk biscuit won first place at last night's The Farmer & The Chef South in Long Neck, Del. Congrats to Chef Robert J. Iannaccone of Rehoboth Beach Country Club and Zitvogel Farms!View PhotoShare

Our brewery is connected to our new warehouse – home to our 12-oz. bottling line and storage for finished beer – by lots and lots of piping. There’s beer, of course, running through these pipes, but there’s also data, wastewater, steam and a CIP system. CIP, or clean-in-place, allows us to clean our tanks and pipes without dismantling them after every use. If you’ve ever homebrewed, you know that cleanliness is job one. #beergeekeryView PhotoShare

Almost made it through #NationalDogDay without sharing a snap of our fave brewery pup. #luckyyouView PhotoShare

Punkin Ale rolls into stores this week for a Labor Day weekend release! All the details (including the story of the new label) at dogfish.comView PhotoShare

Happy to be part of the community effort to build #EpworthSkatepark in Rehoboth - now officially open! #BeerAndBenevolenceView PhotoShare

@thebrewdad scores the first Dogfish hat of the night! #bbc14View PhotoShare

Ever have a beer that tastes like your mouth is full of coins? That metallic off-flavor usually comes from iron. You can blame a bad keg weld, rusty pipes or raw materials that have been exposed to metal. We use a UV Visible Light Spectrometer to measure the iron content against tainted water samples like those pictured here. Unsure if you’re tasting metallic? Here’s a cheat to find out for sure: Dip a finger in the beer and rub a little on the back of your hand. If it’s metallic, the smell will be unmistakable. #beergeekeryView PhotoShare

Robert Pollard / Guided By Voices went all out for Milton, DE tonight! #BeerThousand #gbvView PhotoShare

Feelin' lucky to be on the Beer Bloggers Conference tour bus. Getting a taste of LA and Angel City's Avocado Ale. #bbc14View PhotoShare