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Off-centered Social Media


RT @BeerAdvocate: Top Rated Beers: #Delaware http://t.co/4tfpzP5bys #beer

@mlbrumage thanks!

Serving up beers from all 3 Birreria locations @Eataly NYC, @eatalychicago & @eatalyroma at #SaloneDelGusto in Italy http://t.co/wZTEn1Xay4

In terms of...?

@birraitaliana1 Sydney sounds great!!!!

Pouring beers from the Birreria brewpubs in NYC, Rome & Chicago ... Plus a little 120 Minute IPA at #SaloneDelGusto in Turin, ItalyView PhotoShare

@birraitaliana1 great night, but we missed you!! Cheers

In Turin for @slow_food_italy's #SaloneDelGusto w/ @StoneGreg @BirraBaladin @BirraDelBorgo + brewers from all over! http://t.co/MtJJT1B6db

Finding Brewers from all over the world (Italy, Australia, Sweden, Cali, Delaware & more!) here in Turin, Italy for Slow Food's #SaloneDelGustoView PhotoShare

“@BirraBaladin: #SalondeDelGusto #Teo allo stand #Birreria con @DogfishBeer e @BirraDelBorgo i BIRRERIA BROS! 6J008 http://t.co/A4VpnBYLw4”