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About Me

FromCharlotte, NC


Favorite Dogfish Brews? - the IPAs, Midas Touch, Theoubrau (don't think I spelled that right), Aprihop and still trying many more. Currently have a Red and White to drink.

Thinking outside the box and not letting others dictate how you do things and what you do. I am a homebrewer who brews the traditional but every year I brew a fruit beer with a fruit that is not a traditional fruit (Kiwi, plums this year) and they turn out very well. After being laid off at the beginning of the year I am looking to move into the brewing industry and start up my own brewing operation (rather small though). I am actually looking to make the move to all-grain with the Sabco (though it is a tad pricey but worth it) and make my move with my family and friends.

Samuel Adams Boston Lager or Oktoberfest