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About Me

NameJoeseph Antonio
FromMiddlebury, Connecticut


All Things Dogfish:

I love the 60 Minute IPA & the 90 Minute, I think they define the meaning of a true IPA in the best form possible. I also love the India Brown Ale, Raison D'Etre, and the Shelter Pale Ale. I haven't been to the Dogfish Brew House in Rehobeth yet, but I frequent Ocean City, MD alot, and it's close by, so I will be making it out there this summer. Can't wait to see all of the fine beers up close and personal.

How do you define off-centered?:

Being different then anybody else around you, and drinking a beer that makes people ask and wonder.

Your Fave Non-Dogfish Beer: I like Mendocino's brews, Sierra Nevada, Otter Creek, & Lagunita's