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About Me

NameSam Heiberger
FromRichmond, VA


My favorite DFH brews include Immort Ale, Olde School, Punkin, and 120. I really enjoy the wood grilled pizzas at the pub b/c pizza and beer is the best combo. I recently moved home to VA from CO and have not attended any DFH events thus far and have only been to the brewpub once ( on a Sunday too not knowing there were no brewery tours ). Because of that, my favorite DFH events have been beer festivals where I hung out with Sam ( Big Beers, Barleywines, and Belgians - Vail, CO and The GABF - Denver, CO ). Hope to see everyone at Savour in DC this June!

Using 120 minute for bong water.

Maharaja, Ruination, Yeti, Supplication, and Stone 12th Anniversary