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About Me

NameJohn P. McDermott
FromPlymouth Township, Pennsylvania
All Things Dogfish:

Since I'm new to the Dogfish scene (ever since I saw the documentary "Beer Wars"), I haven't had the chance to taste a lot of the brews. I will say that 90 min is now my favorite beer, it's great to come home after a long day and enjoy a nice 90 min. Also, I've been sampling a lot of the Dogfish brews and I don't think I tasted one I didn't like. I love the Dogfish way and how they do what they love.

How do you define off-centered?:

off-centered = not being like anything or anybody else, being your own person, enjoying life by enjoying what you're doing.

Your Fave Non-Dogfish Beer: Anything Troegs, I like supporting the local guys!