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About Me

FromPittsburgh, PA
All Things Dogfish:

Although I've had the great fortune of enjoying just about every last Dogfish Head offering, there are indeed a few standouts in my opinion. I enjoy 90 Minute IPA as my "everyday" brew. Other top-notchers on the International Eric Scale of Awe include Burton Baton, 120 Minute IPA, Noble Rot, Positive Contact, Theobroma and Punkin Ale.

How do you define off-centered?:

Unabashedly embracing, nay celebrating, one's inherent, innate eccentricities. Living it all without shame; using the crazy looks and "can'ts" along the way merely as fuel to live it that much prouder.

Your Fave Non-Dogfish Beer: Stone Brewing Co. Cali-Belgique. "I don't often cheat on Dogfish Head, but when I do, I cheat with Stone Brewing Co." ~The Most Interesting Eric in the World