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About Me

FromPittsburgh, PA


Although I've had the great fortune of enjoying just about every last Dogfish Head offering, there are indeed a few standouts in my opinion. I enjoy 90 Minute IPA as my "everyday" brew. Other top-notchers on the International Eric Scale of Awe include Burton Baton, 120 Minute IPA, Noble Rot, Positive Contact, Theobroma and Punkin Ale.

Unabashedly embracing, nay celebrating, one's inherent, innate eccentricities. Living it all without shame; using the crazy looks and "can'ts" along the way merely as fuel to live it that much prouder.

Stone Brewing Co. Cali-Belgique. "I don't often cheat on Dogfish Head, but when I do, I cheat with Stone Brewing Co." ~The Most Interesting Eric in the World