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About Me

All Things Dogfish:


How do you define off-centered?:

Not in any particular order: Well rounded. Wholesome. Able to listen (not just hear). Well traveled (as possible within economic restraints), Understanding that everything - every last thing in Life is a Paradox. Makes a concerted effort to do what is best for all parties involved prior to making any/every decisions. (Doing the Right Thing - for The Right REASON for all parties involved not just ones self). Possesses the business acumen to appreciate that a Corporate entity has rights just like individuals. If it is operated accordingly - in a manner which preserves its business relationships & supports its vendors & suppliers for the long haul w/o the short-term focus of 1/4'ly reports and short-term returns to investors... it recognizes that the Business Entity has a potentially unlimited lifespan. (as opposed to maximizing profits and/or potentially taking advantage of situations - it strives to ensure the longevity of all whom it works with) Understanding, and embracing that noone is perfect and that we're not all Superstars or Legends (even in our own minds). Recognizing the its the peculiarities...the small oddities about each of us that makes us endearing to one another. Being an individual, basing your likes and dislikes upon your own frame of reference unbiased by editorial slant and advertising. BEING COOL TO ONE ANOTHER. Understanding this world does not belong to us, its not ours to desecrate. Not being just another in the burgeoning herd of Sheeeple. Peace Owt!

Your Fave Non-Dogfish Beer: Southern Pecan Nut Brown Ale - Kiln,MS (FatTire is tasty too)