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About Me

NameJustin Boswell (The little guy in the middle)
FromSeattle, WA
All Things Dogfish:

By the way those are not our tanks in the picture, our band "Every Single Day" was playing at Chuckanut Brewery in Bellingham, WA and we got this pic......All time year round FAVE is the 90 minute IPA. I have a 120 IPA put away but am having a hard time letting it sit there and age (strike that it's been had). LOOOOVE Palo Santo and you cannot beat a good apri-hop on a hot day especially when Randal The enamel Animal is involved. i've had EVERY dogfish that I can find on the West coast here in Seattle and am always searching for the ones I have never seen. Also looking forward to getting the new signature glasses and putting those bad boys to use.

I have read brewing up a business and it was one of the most inspirational and realistic stories of small business I have ever encountered and it has driven me to make my own dream a reality.

Thanks Dogfish! You guys rock!

How do you define off-centered?:

Not to the left, not to the right, and especially not down the middle. I see it as more of a bi-lateral take on the world of beer. Looking at things side ways and then coming at them as a whilrlwind of innovation and comfort zone destruction. Love, Liberty, Libations & DFH!

Your Fave Non-Dogfish Beer: Hop Henge by Dechuttes or anything brewed one small batch at a time, preferably in our garage