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About Me

FromEverywhere, USA


All that I have had: 60 Min. 90 Min. 120 Min. Palo Santo. Midas Touch. Pangea. Fort. Raison D'Etre. Raison D'Extra. Indian Brown. Aprihop. Black Blue. Red White. Punkin. Burton Batton. Chateau Jiahu. Life & Limb, Theobroma, and Squall Went to the Off Centered Film Fest in Austin a couple weeks back, absolutely a Fantastic event. Have on my beer wall aging Fort, Squall, Sah Tea, Black Blue, Theobroma, and Bitches Brew.

Calling on friends from all corners of the US to deliver the best and brightest of US craft brews. It kinda sucks being in TX with their odd label approval system.

Anything from Stone Brewery or my home brew