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Milton Brewery

Questions about the Dogfish brewery.
Dogfish Head? Where did that come from?

Believe it or not, it’s a place-- a place that’s very near and dear to our President & Founder, Sam Calagione’s, heart.  Want to know all about it—hop in our virtual car and we’ll drive you there.



Do you have food at the brewery?

We’re so excited to answer that question—yes!  Not just any food, beer centric food.  You’ll find brats, chowder, and pickles at Bunyan’s Lunchbox.  You heard us, lunchbox.  Our food truck serving up these delectable treats looks like a ginormous lunchbox, perfect for Paul Bunyan himself.  It’s open Monday-Saturday from 11am-6:30pm.  Want to know more about the food, sure thing.  Just follow us here (link to food story).

Do you do growler fills at the brewery?

Funny thing, we do!  We’ve got growlers for sale or you can bring your own.  One rule, it has to be a growler (with the government warning)—no buckets, milk jugs, coffee containers, or other weird vessels.  While we’re here, we’ve got some tips for all things growlers.  Check it out…



I want to take a tour of the brewery—Can I? Can I?

Are you kidding?  We hope you are already on the way!  We offer tours of our Milton Brewery Monday-Saturday, year round.  Tours are free, and now, NO RESERVATIONS NEEDED.  Click here for all the deets and we’ll see you soon!