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Questions about Dogfish events.
What events take place at the brewery?

We’ve got quite a few things happening in our neck of the woods these days!


Dogfish Dash—September 28, 2014 It’s our biggest event of the year, drawing over 1,000 DFH fans!  The Dogfish Dash is our annual 5k & 10k that supports the Delaware Nature Conservancy.  With a costume contest, keg sprints, and pints waiting for you at the finish, it’s something you have to do—at least once!  The Dash tends to fill up pretty quickly these days with registration happening in early April.  If for some reason you’re unable to register as a runner, it takes a lot of folks to make this thing happen so volunteering is always an option!


Weekend of Compelling Ales and Whatnot—March 7-9, 2014 Ever wanted to come to DFH and try beers that no one else can get their hands on?  WOCAAW is calling your name!  It’s simple, really.  We decided to create some one of a kind beers and invite our friends over—friends meaning you!  What else are you in store for?  Tasty little food pairings, a small batch brew presentation, and all around fun. 


Analog-A-Go-Go—June 13-14, 2014 Like cask beer?  Like vinyl?  This is the event for you!  For this one glorious weekend at DFH we like to kick it olde school and play it a little analog.  With exclusive cask beers available and artisanal vendors from all over, you’re sure to stumble upon some pretty rad finds.  There’s everything from hand crafted woodwork to vintage clothing.

I’m looking for a Dogfish Head event in my area—do you have anything going on?

Gosh, we sure hope so!  We work hard to participate in as many beer dinners, DFH nights, and all around DFH fun that we can.  We’re constantly updating our Events page with the latest happenings.  Follow us over there and hopefully we can meet up for a pint.