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Dogfish Head Beer Tasting


On Saturday, August 3rd, from 1-3pm at R&L Liquors in Lewes, Delaware


Judy, representing Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, will lead you through the tasting of:

  • one of Dogfish Head’s beer/wine hybrids, Red & White, is a bold Belgian witbier brewed with coriander and orange zest, during fermentation the yeast weave the flavors of pinot noir juice into this brew
  • the peachy summer seasonal, Festina Peche, is a Berliner Weisse-like brew with an abundance of peaches that  supply the ale yeast with natural sugars to create this delicately tart, refreshing summer ale
  • imperial pilsner, My Antonia, was first brewed in collaboration with Birra del Borgo outside of Rome, Italy… this continually-hopped brew is unique at Dogfish because it is fermented with lager yeast, creating a common ground for off-centered ale-drinkers and lager-drinkers
  • ancient ale Birra Etrusca Bronze is brewed with pomegranates, hazelnut flour, Italian and local honey, and bitter-ed with gentian root and Ethiopian myrrh… Dr. Patrick McGovern (professor in archaeology at the University of Pennsylvania) analyses the ingredients found in ancient drinking vessels and Dogfish brews the intricate recipes back into existence for us to revel in these ancient ales, this brew’s ingredients were derived from chemical analysis of 2,800 year old drinking vessels found in Etruscan tombs
  • finally an off-centered gluten-free ale, for the health-conscious beer palate.. or just because it’s good, Tweason’ale, is sourghum based with a hint of strawberries


Come try something new, or enjoy an occasional favorite! Cheers!