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Ancient Ales Dinner

Sep 25
Oak Forest, IL
Blarney Stone

We’re going back, waaaaaaay back with our latest dinner series.  To where exactly?  Well, Rome, Finland, Honduras, China—heck, just jump in our time machine and come along for the ride!

Since 1999, Dogfish Head has worked closely with molecular archaeologist Dr. Patrick McGovern to bring ancient brewing history back to life. The resulting Ancient Ales transport modern beer connoisseurs to a time when brewers were unencumbered by purity laws, style rules and bottom lines. 

Juniper berries, chai, cocoa nibs, ancho chilies, muscat grapes, saffron and honey are just some of the unique ingredients that flavor these Ancient Ales and make them perfect for food pairings.

Through August and September, we’re stepping back in time with our Ancient Ales dinner series—won’t you (re)make history with us?

Reception Beer

First Course
Roasted Squash panzanella
Arugula lardoons, shallots, and gingerbread croutons, with homemade vinaigrette
Paired with—Sah’tea

Second Course
Smoked salmon crostini, Sage cream cheese and pickled red onion
Paired with—Kvasir

Third Course
Pasta alla Bolognese
Beer infused papardelle, fresh basil, and grated asiago
Paired with—Birra Etrusca

Fourth Course
Risotto Marinara
Smoked brisket, Caramelized onions and leeks, with Gremalata- fresh garlic, parsley, and orange zest
Paired with—Midas Touch

Fifth Course
Peanut butter and jelly shooter
Nutella mousse, Balsamic date jam, whipped cream, toasted almond dust, and shaved milk chocolate
Paired with—Theobroma 

Tickets: Please Call (708) 535-4800

Blarney Stone
15400 S Cicero Ave
Oak Forest, IL

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