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Dogfish News

We have five ... yes, five! ... great beers coming out in November, and another very special beer coming out in early December. Eek ... can hardly wait!  


With new American-made copper stills, a veteran distiller and a handcrafted ethos, Dogfish Head Distilling Co. is expanding its distilling program this November with the launch of its 100% scratch-made spirits line.


Kvasir, our Ancient Ale based on evidence taken from a 3,500-year-old Danish drinking vessel, is back on taps and shelves!


We’ve got the best news for guests of the Dogfish Inn: Our All-INNclusive Experience has been extended through fall and winter. That means guests can leave their cars at the inn and let us do the driving!


These jugs of gourdy goodness go lightning fast, so if you’re interested in grabbing one this year, here’s the skinny.


For the first time, Dogfish Head is releasing Choc Lobster, a new generation crustacean beer, beyond coastal Delaware. It'll start hitting taps on Friday, Aug. 7.


With the help of our friends at nearby Fifer Orchards, we whipped up some refreshing Festina Peche Gazpacho. 


New Executive Chef Kevin Downing may have come up with Dogfish Head's most outrageous idea yet.