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unfiltered beer and rustic wearables

Tue, 03/24/2009 - 7:12pm

In the last couple of years we've formed a mutual admiration society with our brothers from another mother at Rogues Gallery (www.dandyrogue.com). They make super-comfy, super-rugged, unpretentious nautical-inspired clothing at their Portland Maine homebase not far down the road from Dogfish Head, Maine. We did a swap test batch of clothes for beer last year and are ready to take our relationship to the next level as the kids say. Late this spring we will be coming out with Squall IPA in limited east coast markets. It's an unfiltered, full-on bottle conditioned and dry-hopped 9% abv, champagne-bottled IPA called Squall co-branded between our companies. Early this summer we will come out with a co-branded line of clothing. The theme will be rustic sundown beach bonfire wear. There will be stuff for guys and gals. The beer is in the tanks. First-look clothes samples arrive at the end of the week. Should be a fun project which we are stoked to see coming to fruition. Speaking of Portland, Maine I called my buddy Rob Tod from Allagash Brewery on my way home from the brewery tonight and was glad to hear they are continuing to expand and add more tanks so more of their fabulous White will be heading our way. I alsoreceiveda copy of Randy Mosher's fine new book "Tasting Beer" today. It's realapproachableand comprehensive - from beer & food, to beer styles, to beer history, and production techniques. All under one cover. i was honored to write the forward and a bunch of my favorite beers and breweries from around the world are recommended throughout. From beer novices to the beer-obsessed - there's something in this book for everyone. T minus 48 hours until our 75 Minute IPA Simul-Cask.