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Thinking Outside The Reinheitsge-box

Wed, 06/06/2012 - 5:46pm

Finished my last event of Philly Beer Week this afternoon - and it was a blast. The lunch at Monk's with Chef Brian Morin of BeerBistro, Toronto fame. Every Dogfish beer served included grapes as an ingredient. The recipe and every course of food included grapes as an ingredient.  Every course was amazing but my favorite was the 40-hour pork belly sandwich paired with Midas Touch. And the homemade donuts with 2007 Raison D'Extra.  I remember when we debuted Midas in Philly 13 years ago how odd people thought it was that we were making a beer/wine/mead.  This month marks ours 17th birthday at Dogfish and we've been thinking outside the Reinheitsge-box since day one.  Events like the one we did today at Monk's make me so proud of our journey thus far.  


Monk's Cafe 

Monk's Cafe