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The kindness of beer folk

Fri, 12/23/2011 - 12:57pm

Yesterday we brewed our second batch of Positive Contact. Our Cider-Beer hybrid that has a bit of farro, cayenne, and cilantro as well. I brewed the first batch with Ben a few weeks ago and that one will go on tap at our reho pub on Monday. I cooked up the recipe with a friend in the music-biz. Jesse and Ben are doing this second batch.

Ben Pressin

Ben Pressin' (oops, it is sideways)

We did a bunch of tests and really dig the first batch but decided for the second one to bump the ratio of fermentables from organic fuji apples up even higher and we decided to add the whole dried cayenne peppers later in the process for less heat and more earthy aromatics. We are stoked for this beer and looking forward to feedback from folks who come to the pub on which batch is best liked. We don't do focus groups or market research. We just rely on the kindness of beer folk. We will also be taking a few kegs of this beer to the Extreme Beer Fest in Boston.