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Strawberry Season

Mon, 06/13/2011 - 10:39am

This not a gruesome Fargo-esque violent murder scene - this is not my beautiful house - this is not my beautiful wife - this is the aftermath of the experimental brew we did at our Rehoboth pub last week. This is a strawberry press and a strawberry mess - not blood.


Although I did cut myself working the press - I have to say this was the most labor-intensive brew we have done since Chicha. We pressed over 150 pounds of the most pungent ripe berries you could imagine - our buddy Bobby Fifer of the local farm Fifer Orchards dropped them off freshly picked the morning of the brew. There's over a pound of berry juice in every gallon of beer. We also added a really dark buckwheat honey to this brew which has awesome malty qualities. We are not yet saying exactly what kind of beer this is but I will share the hint that it is by far the number one request for a beer we get at our pub in Rehoboth - it will be on tap before July 4th weekend. While Mariah and I usually shoot our own little films called Quick Sip Clips to tell the story of a brew in this case we have invited our friends (hardcore beer lovers and very talented artists) Jamie and Kevin to join us in telling the story of this beer - you can see some of their work here.- we will be sure to share the story, in their world and ours, before the beer goes on tap.



Posted 6/13/2011