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So much beer... So little time.

Fri, 09/18/2009 - 8:07pm

Lots going on at Dogfish these days.  We have been working with Sierra Nevada and Bobby Flay on the menu for the East Coast Beer Dinner premier of our collaborative Life & Limb and Limb & Life beers set for Bobby’s Bar

American in NYC on November 15th (our friends at Sierra are working the west coast San Fran event ... we'll let you know when we know).

Today is the first day of the 5th annual Intergalactic Bocce Tournament here in Milton.  Teams from around the country are currently converging on our brewery from much fun, froth, and merriment.

On Monday I fly to Colorado for a beer dinner with my buddies Tomme, Vinnie, Jason, and Adam at The Kitchen – a great high end beer restaurant in Boulder.  Then on to the GABF where our booth’s offerings will be focused around our ancient and history-inspired beers.  All stuff that pre-dates the Reinheitsgebot….if that is how you spell that dirty word.  The theme flows into the after-GABF-session party we are hosting with our friends at All About Beer at Falling Rock Friday night which will include funky beers from Dogfish, New Belgium, Avery , and Allagash.

Next weekend I fly home and begin prepping for Beervana in Rhode Island, then the beer and cheese pairing I am hosting with my buddy Burk at 'The New Yorker Festival'  in October.  This is the tenth anniversary of the festival and it’s the first time in its history that they have had a beer-centric themed event as part of the official program – what a long way American Craft beer has come in perception in just the last decade - in addition to dogfish beers we will be pairing and serving great beers from Captain Lawrence, Allagash and Sierra Nevada.

So much beer.  So little time.  Oh yeah – there’ still some Chicha on tap at the Rehoboth pub.  Next up at the experimental brewery at the pub is a super hoppy Belgiam trippel.

Keep on truckin - sam