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Party At the Pub Today!

Tue, 07/07/2009 - 12:14pm

Hope some folks within a short drive to the De beaches can make it out for our Namaste release party at our Rehoboth pub today at 5 pm sharp - Bryan Selders and I will be talking about this beer that we brewed with our Italian brew buddy Leo to help raise awareness for our friend Armand's great Belgian brewery 3 Fonteinen. Matt will be walking us through a few samples of Armand's most celebrated and hard to find beers that he procured with the help of our brothers-from-another mother at Max's in Baltimore. Our kitchen has prepared some killer Belgian food specials - including off the hook frites. Namaste is loosely in the Belgian wit style category but brewed with whole organic dried orange slices and fresh cut lemon grass. I got to have three sneak preview pints at our pub last night and it is tasting righteous - at 4.5% abv it proves that a beer can be extremely flavorful without being extremely strong - I also had a pint of the Dunkelweisenberg that Jason brewed at the pub - it's made with grain toasted over oak wood chips that were used to age our Brown honey Rum - it too is delish and these one-offs at the pub are definitely worth the trip. Hope you can join us - Namaste!