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Off To Philly

Mon, 06/06/2011 - 10:14am

After a fantastic time at Savor in Washington DC, I am on the road this morning to head up to Philly Beer Week. Other than American Craft Beer Week, Philly Beer Week is the granddaddy of them all. Check out the full listing of Dogfish's PBW (here's what we have going on in PA for the rest of PBW). First up today is Punk Rock & Finger Sandwiches at Nodding Head featuring righteous beers from Dogfish Head and Nodding Head and amazing, artisanal, beer-centric finger sandwichesfrom acclaimed homebrew chef Sean Paxton (http://www.ripsneakers.com/nodding/main.cfm?action=Events). Plus Punk Rock & Finger Sandwiches t-shirts will be on sale for the Fugazi-esque low price of $10. DJ Chris will be spinning old school punk rock throughout the event and what could be more punk-rock than ditching work early to drink, eat and slam dance at noon on a Monday. Hope to see everyone there and at the myriad PBW events. Info on all the events hosted by Dogfish and other great American craft brewerscan be found at http://www.phillybeerweek.org/. cheers, Sam