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New Tanks, Old Tanks

Thu, 09/23/2010 - 9:52am

Yesterday was an amazing day, Our brewmaster Floris and I were outside of Frankfurt, Germany inspecting the 4 new 600-bbls tanks we are having built by the Ziemann Group. These guys build the most beautiful tanks in the world and while we were there we saw tanks being built for our friends at Harpoon and photos of tanks that were build there recently for our friends at Victory and New Belgium. It's pretty exciting to in that good company. There are so many American craft breweries making world class beer and it helps when we can make it on word class equipment.


Below is one of my favorite photos of the trip. Beautiful new Ziemann tanks within a 350 year old brewery within a picture perfect 600 year old Bavarian town.


Day stared at Ziemann but ended down the road at Faust Brewey. A fantastic Bavarian regional making super flavorful and super fresh wheat beers and pils. They are one of the only breweries in the world still making bottom fermenting lagers in open top tanks. They must be doing something right as the beers are delish and they have been kicking it old school for over 350 years.