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Mike Rowe & Scrapple

Wed, 11/10/2010 - 7:17pm

Shooting stuff in Tucson today with Mike Rowe over a wonderful pint of Sierra Nevada Kellerweiss.


Mike was telling me about the episode he shot at Long Trail brewery in Vermont the very first season of Dirty Jobs. He also visited our pub in Rehoboth this summer because he and his crew were in Harrington shooting at a scrapple factory. For those of you outside the Mid-Altantic scrapple belt it's a pork bi-product/breakfast meat made with the parts of the hog that are unfit for hot dogs (despite knowing that, my wife loves a good scrapple, egg & cheese).

Good and good for you.

Scrapple pairs well with our winter seasonal Chicory Stout or smokey/roasty beers like Alaskan Smoked Porter it Guiness Stout.