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Hollywood and Beer Wars

Thu, 04/16/2009 - 11:17am

I arrived in LA for the premiere of the Beer Wars movie late last night. I had dinner with friends Joe and Beth. Joe was just in 'Pineapple Express' and 'Role Models' and has a great role on Reno 911. Beth is playing a porn star on our buddy Ken Marino's very funny show Party Down on the Starz channel Friday nights.  We were buds and roomates in NYC right after college. I'm psyched to see so many of my actor friends making a living doing what they love in a hard industry.  We sat next to Don Cheadle. He too ordered the garlic smothered crab. Wise man.  

Today I am doing an event for Southern Cali retailers with my pal Greg Koch from Stone Brewery. It's indicative of how mutually-supportive the craft brewing industry is that two "competing" breweries represented by two competing distributors can put on an event like this together.  After that we head to the premiere of Beer Wars and our interview with Ben Stein which will air live in theaters around the country right after the movie tonight. I'm looking forward to seeing this film as it will show how challenging and rewarding it is for small indie breweries to compete with the international conglomerates. Besides Dogfish it features breweries like Stone, New Belgium, and Boston Beer. Much like it is with my actor friends I'm psyched to see these breweries finding success doing what they love in such a tough industry. 

If I ever name drop this many actors in a blog again please hunt me down and bitchslap me.