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Gearing Up for SAVOR

Thu, 06/13/2013 - 7:25pm

Shot a segment with Ali at The Daily Meal about great hot weather summer beers. Mostly talked about wheat beers, pilsners, and hoppy fruit beers like our Sixty-One IPA fermented with California Syrah grape must.  We were amazed that her sweater is the 'zac same color as the beer. 

Behind the scenes at The Daily Meal

Behind the scenes at The Daily Meal

Sixty-One will be one of the two beers (along with Positive Contact) we will be pairing with food at Savor this weekend in NYC. Savor is the premier high-end beer and food pairing event in America.  Over 60 world-class American craft breweries will be pouring over a hundred different beers paired with specific foods and the brewery owners and brewers will be there pouring the booths behind their booths themselves. There are still tickets available for both Friday and Saturday night at www.savorcraftbeer.com